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Catalogo 2016 - 2017

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Seguridad para tener Evidencias

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Designed for the utmost superiority in brown waters, the advanced composite TPFAC, built on the O-04 hull tank tested to 85 knots, is the fourth generation of the TP series. Targeting to exceed the increasingly tough requirements of the naval and law enforcement forces to control the littoral and coastal waters, the TP FAC carries a crouching firepower and combines speed, sea keeping, and load carrying capability with a well proven robust structure designed for an extreme professional use. With its very high speed, superior sea keeping, extended range, sophisticated and extensive weapon systems, the TP FAC is also an efficient and economical solution for anti-piracy operations. This is the reason why we called it “Kangal” class, after the name of world famous dog “Anatolian Shepherd” and can be used escorting and protecting the commercial vessels. With the standard engines and Arneson Surface Drives, the TP FAC can have a top speed of 60 knots at sea state 1-2 and 50 knots at sea state 3, all in perfect stability with strong emphasis on crew comfort. The vessels are built as per the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) High Speed Light Craft and Naval Surface Craft Rules for Classification. As all TP platforms, the advanced machinery systems and arrangement result in a vessel with greatly enhanced operability, maintainability and accommodation standards.

PRIMARY ROLES Fast Attack Craft with short range missile Carrying capability, Anti-piracy in coastal and international waters, Anti-terrorist protection of the coastal and Offshore installations, Patrol / Escort craft, Search and Rescue, Surveillance, Anti-Smuggling, Pollution control, Seal insertion / extraction, Lift support (Hardware/Swimmers), Support ordnance – Disposal – Diver assets